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Success stories

Original economic situation: trees, she engaged in a kindergarten, child care childhood; around 3000 Yuan in basic salary and other bonuses paid partly in cash each month to 1200 Yuan on housing mortgage loans. Miss the tree lover in a company engaged in financial work, monthly income of around 4000. End of 2009 Miss tree couple mortgage with years of savings to buy 90 square of his own House, because decoration have been unfunded, so miss the tree decided to use loans to solve the problem of loan funds. Initially, Miss the tree just to browse the large bank's Web site, hoping to find the right loan product. But she was disappointed with the result, because the cash portion of revenue, many banks are not and found that more than one month has passed, Miss tree found only on their own knowledge and understanding of banking information simply cannot solve the problem of fitting your own money. When one door shuts, just very disappointed to miss the trees, February 2010 saw the Kwong Wah finance on the Web, on the understanding that the Kwong Wah finance has a professional loan consultant loan products and integrated more than 20 banks, for the first time and we made contact and submit personal information.
successful nuclear Kwong Wah finance loan consultant loan situation, careful analysis of the tree and her lover's work later, income, assets, and actively communicate with banks, and finally at the beginning of March 2010 as Miss tree successfully the core lending 100000 Yuan, had successfully solved the problem tree to Miss two months of renovation funds. Believe that in a few months, Miss the tree and his wife will be getting help from Kwong Wah finance loan, create a warm and happy family.