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Bank car loans how to handle?

Bank auto loan business in the main business. Bank mortgage business loans to direct guests to buy a car, after which consumers see a car, bypassing dealers and directly to the Bank for a loan. According to bank officer introduced, banks to lend directly to the customer, check the customer information more easily, reduce risk.
Bank car loan how to handle?
-time buyers can watch from a dealer after the vehicle, to the Bank for "direct" loans, and then hold "money" to buy a car. Specific process (requirements of the Bank will be slightly different): apply → banks carry out pre-loan investigation and approval → notice to the borrower sign a loan contract, contract of guarantee, mortgage contract and mortgage registration formalities and Insurance → → Bank loan borrowers will be the first payment to the car dealer, and issued by the passbooks and Bank car the rental formalities.
Bank direct loan benefits: consumers can choose a large space, people's Bank base rate Bank car loans interest rates, generally lower than the auto finance company loan interest rate, and you can enjoy the preferential price of car dealers. However, when individuals apply for auto loans from banks, you generally need to provide real estate as collateral. For consumers, in addition to the traditional bank auto loans and car finance company loans, can also credit card payments to car buyers, and some banks offer credit, cars, a large consumer products contained in it, such as the Bank's Dragon card car card.