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Bank-home loan interest rates did not fall but rose

Just speculation banks mortgage rates 70 percent off or will reproduce when Bank of China has a reverse action, the suite prior to the discounted this week from the beginning of 85 percent to 90 percent.
last week, the Central Bank issued a rate cut. Floating floor and cut lending interest rate to 0.8 times times the benchmark interest rate, and that "individual housing loans of lower interest rate band remains at 0.7 times times the benchmark interest rate." This was interpreted as a 70 percent interest in the market regulators to stand, discount is expected to be hired.
and the field is really the forerunner. Bank of Guangdong Hua XING profile announced that mortgage lowest you can hit 70 percent. But Beijing Bank drastically discounted power is clearly insufficient. After the rate cut, Bank, Bank, people's livelihood, such as the mortgage policy of banks remained unchanged. There are some banks tightened home loan, Bank of China Beijing Branch this week by first lending rate minimum 85 percent to 90 percent.
on the head of a joint-stock commercial bank loans, said after a Central Bank release the deposit interest rate floating range, banks are floating interest rates, banks narrowed spreads, higher cost of funds, loans rate will certainly be affected.
industry insiders believe, 70 percent of the mortgage offer in Beijing, or will only be a "theory of value". Although 85 percent discount in Beijing area occupies the main, but not many customers can apply for this discount. China Bank mortgage rates 70 percent discount is just "look good". It is understood that the Bank requires customers to hold certain financial products, up to a certain financial integration or of million yuan of deposits.