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Bank of the CBRC statement denying mortgages to relax on the

Central Bank Regulator:
Mortgage/> Bank's website showed last night, spokesman for the people's Bank of China said in a media interview, central banks and regulators to individual housing loans has been implementing effective policies and prudential supervision. Individual media said "Central Bank express document provides first mortgage rates lowest 70 percent", deliberately distorted Central Bank's policy intentions, smacks of marketing hype.
, the Central Bank said the silver-haired (2012) the 142th article of content is lowered lending and deposit benchmark interest rates and adjusting the interest rate floating range, the Central Bank adjusted interest rates, entered into force the following day, has been made into the banking system while the file is indicated.
mentioned in the article "housing loans of lower interest rate band remains at 0.7 times times the benchmark interest rate" is clear to allow financial institutions to relax corporate lending rate floating range limit to 0.8 times the benchmark at the same time, interval lower floating interest rate of housing loans to individuals no longer relaxed in the 0.7 times times kept its benchmark rate unchanged.
yesterday's Banking Regulatory Commission said regulators on the second mortgage is not relaxed. Formulated by the CBRC commercial bank capital management procedures (trial implementation) officially announced, and will be implemented on January 1, 2013, because of the way in August 2011 draft was deleted on the first mortgage by 45% and 60% differences in calculating risk-weighted requirements the mortgage, clearly personal housing mortgage loan risk weight uniformity of 50%. Risk-weighted reduction means the Bank set aside less money for loans, equivalent to lowering the cost of capital, prompting the media to policymakers to relax "second homes" loan risk speculation.
the CBRC expressed personal housing mortgage loan risk weighting of 50%, consistent with existing regulatory provisions, without any adjustment. Recently, some media said the CBRC lowered the risk weighting of individual housing mortgage loans, is misunderstood. Bank of
second mortgage has not offers
loan consultant right away yesterday learned from the Guangzhou industrial and commercial bank and other major banks, major banks second-home mortgage loan takes more than 60% down, and interest rates are still needed in the benchmark interest rate on floating 10%. "We performed on the second-home mortgage interest rates are the most stringent and reduced risks related to standards", head of a large State-owned banks in the financial sector yesterday, told reporters.
Bank Account Manager, at present banks ' mortgage loans to first-time buyers is still the priority, second time home buyer loan approvals and loan rate no faster. "Due to internal causes of risk monitoring, approval for a second-time buyers we are very cautious, so banks won't increase lending. "Dongfeng Zhong Lu, a large State-owned bank account manager, told reporters.
analysis, the CBRC for weight changes on second homes buyers loan cost does not affect first and second home down payment and floating interest rate policy remains unchanged, that is, must be 60% could get a loan down payment and loan interest rates must rise to $ 10%. For buyers, the cost of loans to buy second homes are still high. For second-home buyers, and no substantive concessions.
issued by Guoxin securities analysis report that, given the current Bank downpayments of second homes has not reduced, for buyers a higher threshold, so expect short term bank loan limit for second-home buyers limited growth.