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Fruit Fund loan rates

Fruit city housing Provident Fund loan interest rate cut
five years period above cut 0.2%, by 4.9% cut to 4.7%; five years period following (containing five years) cut 0.25%, by 4.45% cut to 4.20%
loan 200,000, and 20, according to matching principal and interest repayment way, public monthly to less spending 21.9 Yuan, 20 total less spending 5255.02 Yuan
yesterday (10) day reporter from city housing Provident Fund Management Center was informed that, Since June 8, in accordance with the requirements of the National Department of housing in our city, cut personal housing accumulation Fund loan rates, 200,000 loan 20 per month 21.90 Yuan.
old and new customers to enjoy customer
next year, such as people's Bank of China announced that from June 8, will lower the RMB benchmark deposit and lending rates of financial institutions. This is 3.5 year cut interest rates for the first time since the Central Bank cut interest rates since December 2008.
reporter, municipal housing fund management center has moved from 8th, began to cut personal housing accumulation Fund loan rates, in particular to: more than five-year 0.2%, from 4.9% to 4.7%; five years of age (five years) 0.25%, from 4.45% to 4.2%.
it is reported that the loans after June 8, according to the new interest rate and loans have been issued on or before, starting from January 1 next year the new rate. From 2010, the 5-year housing common reserve fund loan interest rates have been raised 5 times above, 3.87% of interest rates from the end of 2010, rise to the 4.9%, 5 times to raise a total of 1.03%. Now cut in interest rates, this is December 2008, the housing common reserve fund loan interest rate cut for the first time.
monthly payments reduce the impact on the property market is unlikely to
the cut interest rates on housing loans, the use of housing accumulation Fund loan to mean monthly repayment pressures eased. Compared to bank loans, Provident Fund loans have a greater advantage. Correspondent accounts: 20-year accumulation Fund loan from 4.9% to 4.7%, if 200,000 loan, 20, in accordance with the periodic repayments, the public spent 21.9 Yuan less per month, 20 less spending a total of 5255.02 Yuan. A 20-year loan interest rate from 7.05% to 6.8%, the same loan 200,000, 20, spent 57524.85 Yuan less Provident Fund loans than a bank loan.
, however, reduced bank deposits as well as financial profit, makes many people feel somewhat depressed. This reporter has learned, under the interest rate expectations, people are buying short-term financial products, to obtain the maximum benefits, but this year, with two reduced the deposit reserve ratio of, has a very strong market interest rate cuts expected in fact, this case, many people had spare funds to invest in the medium to long term steady investments, such as long-term financial products, such as.
"cut interest rates for the first time in 3 years, means that from now on to cut channels, although the policy is not directly targeted at real estate, but would make the property market turnover and prices further on his feet. "The industry believes, buyers now, just need groups accounted for a significant proportion, and just need to most groups are all first home buyers, many of whom enjoy housing accumulation Fund loan. Today, the Provident Fund loans fall in interest rates, in addition to reducing the generation of homebuyers ' monthly payments for their home buyers will also have a certain impact. In the short term, the current loan interest rates will have no immediate effect on the property market.
interest rates cut corporate finance is good for ordinary citizens,
, reduced the deposit rate of it is difficult to claim that the Government is "good news", but the decline in lending rates, for many companies, but it is positive. , A private manufacturing enterprise, I said that the rate cut for SMEs, especially small and micro enterprises see hopes of lower financing costs. Small business loan interest rates as the Central Bank benchmark interest rate floating 10%~50%, annual interest rates of about 7.2%~9.84%, coupled with other cost of loans, the composite interest rate is about 8%~10%. Capital costs are too high "started losing money" and even some peers start to shut down production.
not to force cuts on stock markets have limited impact
reporter learned that, on June 8 was not to force, is not to cut interest rates given an immediate response, but chose to continue falling. Fruit a securities analyst Chen hui believes that central banks cut interest rates 0.25%, power is limited on the stock market. Central Bank adjusted interest rates since 2000, nearly 20 times, stock indexes in Shanghai and Shenzhen were mixed and no rules to speak, stock market run more is to follow their trends. Rate cuts is at best weak stock markets hit a powerful shot, really want to make markets better, also requires a multi-pronged used some strong medicine to work.