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Guangzhou Provident Fund loans for second homes floating interest rate 10%

Guangzhou housing Provident Fund loan policies have loosened, first home can also be a minimum of 20% down payment? Second fund loan interest rates float time is how long will fall along with the easing in the future? …… Value Guangzhou established housing Provident Fund system 20 annual Zhiji, Guangzhou housing Provident Fund Management Center in 5th held of policy publicity advisory activities Shang for general public answering FAQ, and reiterated, since February 25, 2011 up began implementation of housing Provident Fund loan regulation policy both not loose, also not tightened, first suite still can minimum 20% down payment, II Suite interest rate to floating 10%, suspended issued three sets and the above Provident Fund mortgage.
Guangzhou housing Provident Fund Center officials say, the first suite of Provident Fund loans have been supported, people have mistaken the first suite of Provident Fund loans have followed commercial loans increased the down payment threshold, recently there have been loosened, he said it was a misunderstanding. In fact, first always have a minimum of 20% down payment. According to provides, on purchase first sets housing and sets type area in 90 square meters (containing 90 square meters) following or by provides purchase economic applies housing of family (including borrowing people, and spouse and the minor children, with), application housing Provident Fund loan of first payment proportion not below 20%, on purchase first sets housing and sets type area in 90 square meters above of family, first payment proportion not below 30%. "We have been the first demand to be strong support in approved cases in the near future, down payment on a first home 20% ratio accounted for an estimated 10%. "The official said.
two suites and suite of loan demand is still limited somewhat restrictive. For families to buy second homes, apply for housing accumulation Fund loan down payment ratio shall not be less than 60% or 60%, loans to 1.1 times the benchmark rate by the same grade in the same period times Executive, float 10%; Suspension family buy a third and above the housing accumulation Fund of housing loans.
to be aware of is that second-home 10% Provident Fund loans if interest rates clearly are floating, is applicable to the whole loan period, that is to say the loan with floating interest rate applies from the date of loan principal and interest repayment date of the period from, even if policy loosening, contracted floating interest rate will not change.
in addition, the purchase of parking lots and garages, shops and villas, cannot apply for a housing loan, nor extract Housing Fund. And return of Provident Fund loans are still not realized in automatic transfer and repayment of banks, can only repeat the claim in the first paragraph.