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Ministry of housing: foreigners may apply for public rental housing

Yesterday, the Department of housing and urban-rural construction promulgated the regulation on public rental housing. The way applications for public rental housing conditions, operational monitoring, exit mechanisms to make specific provisions. Among them, the local stable employment to achieve the prescribed number of migrant workers can apply for public housing.
the criteria for stable employment up to the prescribed number of foreign
in accordance with the regulations, apply for public rental housing applicants in local housing or housing below standards; the applicant's income and property below the stipulated criteria applicants for migrant workers in the local stable employment meet prescribed. Various local housing authorities according to the actual situation of the region, adjusted the criteria for, and the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval and to the public.
rents slightly below market prices, and regularly adjusted
to encourage the community to invest in the construction of public rental housing, and to guide and regulate the real estate rental market, regulations of the rent levels of public rental housing should be in accordance with the housing market is slightly lower than the same lot rent level determined and adjusted on a regular basis. To stabilize the leasing relationship, protect tenants ' interests before entering into a lease contract, party rental standard conventions approved by the local people's Governments at each level of rents of public rental housing. When the tenant income is lower than the local standards are drawn up, can apply for rental subsidy or reduction in accordance with the relevant provisions.
exit mechanism
no reason idle half recovered public rental
in public rental housing of exit mechanism aspects, approach clear, tenant people has lent, and sublet or unauthorized replacement, change uses, damage or unauthorized decoration and refused to recovery undisturbed, in public rental housing within engaged in illegal activities, no due reason continuous 6 months idle public rental housing of, should returned public rental housing; refused to returned of, housing guarantees competent sector can law application Court forced implementation. While at market prices to pay the rent from the date the violation occurred, recorded in the management of public rental housing, and fined 1000 Yuan fine; illegal gains, illegal gains 3 times but does not exceed 30,000 yuan fines administrative sanctions.
at the same time, the lessee cumulative 6 months rent, does not apply for renewal, public rental housing should be released back; the lessee does not meet the renewal criteria, access to other houses and no longer meet the public rental housing with the lease conditions and lease or acquisition of other affordable housing situation, should also be given to the removal period to make back. Expiry of the relocation does not make, and other houses of the lessee does not, you can follow the market price continues to rent; there are other housing, ownership or the operating unit can be entrusted to a people's Court according to law, require the lessee to make back. Beijing
the County before the end of the introduction rule
City Office, has asked the County, to be launched before the end of this month the foreigners in Beijing specific conditions applying for public rental housing, is stepping up the development of the existing rules.
last October, Beijing introduced public rental housing rules, which provides that public rental housing includes the outer provinces to cover Beijing continuously stable for a certain number of years, with full capacity for civil conduct, have a steady income, over the same period to provide temporary residence certificate, proof of payment of housing accumulation Fund or social security certificate, I and the family members of persons have no homes in Beijing. But due to the different districts and on the foreign population demand, so outsiders introduced specific rules to apply for public rental housing and are not synchronized. West, Haidian districts have begun to outsiders, such as registration of intention to apply for public rental housing, preparing for the introduction of specific criteria.

successful implementation depends on the regulation of the industry chain real estate market research department said Chen Xue, a large number of public housing this year before entering the market, admission system level support needs to be in place. "All local government reference documents are issued by the Ministry of housing standards, specific action still depends on whether the rules are reasonable, regulation is in place. "