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Mortgage rates: banks push 80 percent off

Personal loans interest rate once again become a focus of public concern. "' The rate of 70 percent ' file is not a personal loan, but interest rates when Central Bank branches and commercial bank issued files. "Yesterday, according to recent rumors of" first mortgage rate 70 percent discount ", many bank officials say. It is understood that, considering the interest rate differential, mortgage rates hard to return 70 percent, but Beijing has a number of banks are working on first mortgage at 80 percent interest credit standards.
it is understood that in the cut, the Bank issued an emergency night called "the people's Bank of China on the financial institutions cut the RMB benchmark deposit and lending rates and adjustment lending and deposit interest rate floating range of notice". Document: "a floor on lending rates from 0.9 times adjusted to 0.8 times times the benchmark interest rate. Individual housing loans of lower interest rate band remains at 0.7 times times the benchmark interest rate. "A merchant who expressed concerning" urgent "and" mortgage rates 70 percent "link is actually a misreading. Bank statement in the file are not asking commercial banks to lower mortgage rates, but stressed the existence of lower mortgage interest rates have not changed.
Kwong Wah financial analysts yesterday learned that banks including Beijing is looking at 80 percent discount on the standard, the recent quality for eligible first home buyers to provide 80 percent mortgage rates, while 70 percent, heads of banks made it clear that "it is very difficult." Reporters a recent survey of banks such as ICBC, China Construction Bank in Beijing, after the first mortgage rates a minimum of 85 percent of Beijing is still the mainstream market, mortgage rates for the vast majority of banks have yet to adjust their policies.