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Shanghai Bank 70 percent less of a first set of mortgages rates

Had revealed "signs" the first mortgage at 70 percent interest would be "short-lived"? the reporter on Saturday reported a small bank took the lead in making home loans after a 70 percent interest rate to attract customers, quickly attracted the attention of banks and homebuyers.
regulatory stakeholders clearly told reporters yesterday, the first mortgage at 70 percent interest on suspected irregularities.

-time buyers expect 70 percent interest rate "mortgage business for some banks is fierce, dared to launch mortgage at 70 percent interest. "A large State-owned banks, told reporters the head of mortgage, individual small banks took the lead in making mortgage at 70 percent interest after news spread, many being passed through the line to apply for mortgage customers have said also called for a 70 percent rate discount, otherwise it will go to other banks to do so.
"I've been looking over the weekend China Bank in Shanghai, where the site is located in, and never found. "The buyers told reporters, he Hua XING in Guangdong Bank's official website to know that the website is currently limited to Guangdong, so that only the introduction of mortgage and other major commercial banks also after 70 percent interest rate, homebuyers can generally enjoy.
Zhang Mr forget a pen account, to to Bank application 1 million Yuan lines of commercial mortgage for cases, term for 30, repayment way for matching principal and interest, according to 5 years period above loan benchmark interest rate 6.8% to calculation, total interest spending for 1.347 million Yuan, months for about for 6519 Yuan; and in mortgage interest rate playing 70 percent of situation Xia, total interest spending for 880,000 yuan, months for about for 5222 Yuan.
said although he and his family have been bullish on real estate, and the discount rate is satisfactory, and the developers to sign the purchase contract. But given that mortgage rates hit 70 percent can save interest expense by about 460,000 yuan, so he and his family on this great offer is expected decide to rather wait to relieve pressure on monthly payments in the future.
"70 percent thought mortgages interest rate history. "Other buyers, Shen told reporters he hoped Bank universal loan 70 percent interest rate as soon as possible, otherwise after prices go up, mortgage-interest preferential prices to offset.
/> supervision "universal if 70 percent interest rate, mortgage rates up again. "Another joint-stock Bank's Retail Banking Department Deputy General Manager, told reporters, the Bank's current first mortgage rates of 85 percent to the benchmark, the specific needs of an applicant customer credit, other banks are also lending in this territory. But individual small bank pioneered the 70 percent rate later, some customers do not buy it, threatened to be 70 percent interest rate or "fly".
Shanghai Banking regulatory Bureau stakeholders in an interview with reporters, initially expressed surprise at the first mortgage at 70 percent interest within the banking sector, meanwhile told reporters that the alleged irregularities. Because Central Bank announcement on June 7 made it clear that financial institutions loans interest rate floating range of adjustment to the minimum level of 0.8 times times the benchmark interest rate, the mortgage business is also included, of course, so the bottom line is that 80 percent of the mortgage interest rates.
yesterday visited the China Merchants Bank, Bank of China, industrial and commercial bank and other banks after learned that customers in consultation with mortgage interest rates at present, it is hard to be clear criteria, Bank universal reply is needed according to the customer's actual assets and income and other comprehensive consideration of risk pricing. Therefore, banks often give preferential mortgage rates higher and higher conditions of customers ' needs.
people told reporters the Department of banking gold, yet bottom line first mortgage interest rate from 85 percent to 80 percent. As in the case of deposit interest rate floating, go to fall too much pressure on lending rates on Bank profits, so there is no large and medium sized banks have "early".
part of the Bank said that mortgage rates on a loan basis
"too was cheating, my mortgage just approved on Thursday night heard that interest rate cuts. "In real estate-related forums, one Netizen posted write down what had happened to" seek sympathy. " She called to the Bank staff, the other party has, in accordance with the provisions, her interest rate from January 1 next year, according to the new standards, so it's only a few months to pay a little more interest.
reporter ask banks for mortgage interest rate adjustments in the stock information, staff members said, mortgage rates are generally in the stock since the beginning of adjustment. So, if the customer is already for some time the mortgage and then to press the new interest rate payments starting next year.
, however, Bank officials say, for submitting mortgage applications before the cut, no loans, then follow the lenders time to calculate interest. In other words, if people have already applied for a mortgage and approved before rate cuts through, but lenders are after the cut, you can enjoy the new rate after the rate cut.
"will be calculated according to the way the benefits to customers loans interest rates. "A part of the Bank's Gold members said. He said raising interest rates in the past, when banks will lower rates to customers. However, he also pointed out that does not exclude the possibility that some banks will be signing contracts or accepting mortgages to calculate.