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Shiyan Fund loan criteria be relaxed permanently increase

Kwong Wah Finance recently from housing Provident Fund Administration Center was informed that from June 7, the Shiyan city housing accumulation Fund loan amount increased by 400,000 to 500,000 yuan, County (City) raised from 200,000 to 250,000 yuan, while individual loan conditions to relax.

maximum loan amount is 500,000 yuan in Shiyan city

in April, Wang of the public road ref saw an apartment in Beijing, the House she was unable to pay more than 700,000 yuan, she would like to fund loans, but credit is a maximum of 400,000 yuan, Wang eventually had no choice but to select a commercial loan.

immediately credit recently learned from the municipal housing fund management center, from June 7, Ms Wang in urban home buyers can use the Provident Fund loan of 500,000 yuan, if the County (City) you can use of housing accumulation Fund loan of 250,000 yuan.

so Wang could get a loan for many years? each month how much money? in accordance with the regulations, Ms Wang may apply for 1-25 years of the loan term, loan term and Ms Wang Wang's age should not exceed the legal retirement age (3-5 extension). If Ms Wang to buy second-hand housing, housing length of plus loans cannot exceed 25 years of age. Meanwhile, Wang monthly repayment amount cannot exceed the 40% household income (family income to real wages prevail, and provide proof of nearly three months of salary, wages exceed the tax threshold need to provide proof of payment of personal income tax).

non-subjective reasons for late credit card records are no longer accepted as loan conditions

two years ago, Lee graduated from Wuhan University City now work for a public institution. Last month, he wanted to buy a House with his girlfriend, because at work don't have much savings, Lee wanted to use the Provident Fund loans, when loan for Provident Fund when they found themselves went to College to apply for a credit card, has been used, nor for the new year. Trouble is, because credit card have their records in accordance with Provident Personal loans "overdue for more than 3 times, credit card for more than 180 days past due, shall not entertain a loan" requirements, Li Fund loans cannot be used to purchase a home, eventually he chose the business loans.

"according to the new regulations, loan applicants non-subjective reasons a credit card (debit card) late records, is no longer considered buying my first home and apply for a loan for the first time to buy a second home improvement loan is admissible. "Immediately, reserve management centre official told credit, later, lenders like Xiao Li, you can prove to the Bank for the overdue non-malicious, you can go through the Provident Fund loans to buy a House.

second-home loans increased

in the early 90 bought a set of just 60 square metres of housing in the city. Now children are big, last year the couple wanted to buy a bigger house, and do not want to sell the House now because prices are too high, and cash on hand, you can only loan to buy a House. Consultation, although you can use Zhang Fund loan, but because it is a second home, according to the "purchase two sets of housing loans and the purchase of second-hand House loan ratio no higher than 40%, more than three suites and stop" requirement, he can borrow the amount still cannot meet the demand, buyers had to run aground.

"now, people can not only use of Provident Fund loans to buy their first home for the first time, family can buy a second (or more) houses. Use of Provident Fund loans to buy the family a second set for the first time (or more) houses as second homes loan policy to handle, and the proportion of loans has increased. "According to the charge, under the new rules, buy a second ratio is 90 square meters of commercial housing loans (included) 70%, more than 90 square meters 60%; scales buy second-hand housing loan to 60%.