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Tibet Fund loan housing developers to guarantee

At present, the use of housing accumulation Fund loan to buy a house in Tibet, are basically guarantees of natural persons, as well as existing home mortgages or any other means, for young people just to work for two or three years, basically a guarantee for these is to find friends and colleagues, we all want to buy a House, and once the surety for others, their own provident fund schemes cannot be removed, many young people buy so grounded. Loans from the State Housing Fund Management Center immediately understands that the Centre for the convenience of the masses within the autonomous region the purchase, and actively explore new mode of Provident Fund loans, introduced a State housing developers in secured mode. Yesterday, a teacher from Tibet vocational and technical college by successful purchase in this way, became the first beneficiary of the new policy.
autonomous autonomous region within the House: developers offer stage guarantees
last March, the State Housing Fund Management Center in Chengdu, Chengdu established the Department of management, solve Tibet Tibetan cadres and workers of housing accumulation Fund loan to autonomous region in Sichuan and Chongqing offsite housing problems. For purchase only by natural persons in the Tibet Autonomous Region to provide security and the status of existing home mortgages, the Center will explore new ideas and expand service areas, developers guarantee model was introduced. Guarantees for loans to developers, using houses as collateral in order to solve the problem of housing accumulation Fund loan guarantee. It is also at the Center following another attempt after the establishment of the Department of management in Chengdu.
yesterday, autonomous regions housing funds management center related head introduced, currently the Center has and autonomous regions within a real estate developers signed has cooperation agreement, General in autonomy autonomous regions housing funds management center paid housing Provident Fund of cadres workers purchase the real estate developers of housing (shops except) of, can by developers provides stage guarantees, stay property settles Hou, property can for mortgage, real estate developers exit guarantees. For the convenience of everyone, everyone in the purchase of more choice, the Center now is negotiating with several other developers, expanding the scope of cooperative property.
Provident Fund loans to go through 4 program
for procedures for applying for funds loans in this way, the charge is explained in detail. The official said, preconditions are necessary in this business in the autonomous region paid a housing accumulation Fund of Housing Fund Management Center. First, applicants to according to related policy, pay has room paragraph of 30%, and developers signed has purchase contract, and in purchase contract Shang indicate take housing Provident Fund loan of way for loan, next, developers to signed guarantees commitment book, after above program Hou, autonomous regions housing funds Management Center issued loan, loan funds designated into developers account, purchase who success purchase,, property settles Hou, real estate business exit guarantees, to property for mortgage.
the official said, with the State Housing Fund Management Center after property for widening the scope of cooperation, the new mortgage and guarantee not only for local buyers more convenience, local buyers for housing accumulation Fund loans mortgage-backed issues. The other hand this way of loan funds directly into the developer account also ensures the housing accumulation Fund loan funding in support of staff on the House.
interest rate Fund loan best deals
people's Bank of China since the 8th of this month will lower the RMB benchmark deposit and lending rates of financial institutions, Tibet RMB benchmark deposit and lending rates of financial institutions with the implementation. Among them, the one-year benchmark deposit and lending rates down 0.25%, other deposit and lending interest rates and personal housing accumulation Fund loan interest rates adjusted accordingly.
the official, at present, Tibet's personal housing accumulation Fund implementation of the 5-year loan interest rate (5 years) was 3.21%, down 0.25%; more than 5-year fund loan interest rate is 3.53%. Compared with the interest rates, housing common reserve fund loan interest rates following the 5-year period (5 years) compared with commercial banks with low 1.46%. And the Provident Fund loans for second homes still use the current interest rate, no restrictions.